Last update: 21 January 2018

Here’s a list of the milestones we know of so far, for how Cruited is evolving. The phases have no other purpose than to help us strucutre things and remember all the great things we achieve. As we continue to improve and to grow, we will most likely both add and remove milestones. And we’ll probably not do things in order either.

Generally this is how we prioritize things:

  • Adding customer value is always the key
  • Grab the low-hanging fruit
  • We only rebuild things when it hurts

Phase 5

  • Launch guides about CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, References, and Salary Negotiation
  • Rebrand with new name, new profile and new web site to take us closer to our mission

Phase 6

  • Launch additional guides

Phase 7

  • Send info about other products + reminders to rate again + newsletters
  • Implement additional support to help Raters with personalisation (a.k.a. the infobox)
  • Improved Report View: Add positive feedback and motivational aspects, general comment pointing towards what’s most important, introduce action buttons on pieces of advice – time needed, give feedback, set as done
  • Improvement on how we handle different language versions for LinkedIn profiles (trello)
  • Launch LinkedIn assessments for other purposes than getting a new job
  • Automate the assigning of orders

Previous Phases

Phase 1

  • Re-design of Swedish public web site – DONE
  • Launch US signup page – CANCELLED
  • Re-design of Swedish Ordering and Report pages – DONE
  • Improve criteria for LinkedIn assessments, take product to v. 2.0 – DONE
  • Launch e-mail introduction to LinkedIn – DONE
  • Launch new version for Young Professionals – DONE
  • Working Maquette for a new tool to help you analyse a job posting – DONE

Phase 2

  • Improved workflow for how we continously update the method, wordings, scores – DONE
  • Introduce partner login with basic statistics and reporting (trello) – DONE
  • Introduce possibility for customer to ask for specific advice in an assessment – DONE
  • English version of assessments on the Swedish market – DONE
  • Soft Launch of US version – CANCELLED
  • Introduce Web Service API to generate coupons for partners (trello) – DONE using 3rd party solutions
  • Improvement on how we handle empty and almost empty LinkedIn profiles (trello) – DONE
  • Working Maquette for LinkedIn Headline Composer – CANCELLED
  • Working Maquette for a Tracker to keep up with your job search activities – CANCELLED

Phase 3

  • Populate rating page with default comments for ordered edition – DONE
  • Encourage customer to specify employer and position looked for – DONE
  • Start offering a service for Interview Preparation – DONE
  • Conceptual Maquettes of new navigation concepts – DONE
  • Launch assessments of consulting profiles – DONE
  • Improve on the UX/UI for rating screen – DONE
  • Rebuild the rating/admin section to stabilize and add flexibility in handling of products/editions/languages – DONE
  • Improve on how we handle orders for individual career calls and interview training – DONE

Phase 4

  • Integrate with MailChimp for e-mails about unused coupons – DONE
  • Version 2.0 of the Partner Dashboard with more advanced and segmented stats – DONE
  • Automate invites + reminders for customer feedback – DONE
  • Improve on how we handle orders for interview preparation and training sessions – DONE
  • Create separate landing page and order page for Consultants – DONE
  • Make Career Calls available for anyone to book, not just our partners – DONE
  • Launch new Product for Interview Preparation – DONE
  • Launch new Product for booking Individual Career Calls – DONE
  • Launch new improved Dashboard to combine existing products – DONE