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Put Yourself First

Too many people are unhappy with their work. They’re resentful, unproductive, and checked out. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that they’re in the wrong job.

But what would your day be like if you really loved your job? Imagine that you’re inspired by your coworkers, and believe in what your company is doing. You’re excited to go to work, you’re creative and engaged while you’re there, and you come home satisfied.

At Cruited we build everything with one goal in mind: to get people into jobs they love.

You can have a job you love, but it won’t happen by accident. You need to know yourself deeply, so you can look for the job that’s right for you, right now. You have to be able to communicate your unique personality, goals, and capabilities. You have to start building a meaningful professional life for yourself now, and never stop building it.

Don’t settle for less than you want, and don’t wait. Because doing work that you love will change everything for the better.

Where you’re going is all that matters

Why do we spend so much time talking about the past when we look for work? Our resumes are lists about the past, and interviews are spent re-hashing past experiences. But the past is finished.

What could you create if there were no obstacles? What might you develop into, if you were given the chance? Your own unique vision of what is possible is what makes you creative and ambitious. You innovate, you take risks, and you give opportunities to others — but only if you see those future possibilities clearly.

At Cruited we believe that you should always know your own goals because if you don’t define yourself, someone else will do it for you, and you’ll never be fully satisfied with someone else’s vision. Know yourself, and know where you’re going. You won’t be punished for ambition; you’ll be rewarded with opportunities to get there.

Why determines what

You made a lot of choices to get to where you are today. You chose your education, industry, company, position, and projects. Sometimes your choices were motivated by ideals and high ambitions, and sometimes they were motivated by convenience, or short-term benefit. Sometimes – we know – you didn’t actually have much choice at all.

A meaningful professional life is what happens when most of your choices are made for deep, personal reasons, and are taking you towards your highest ambitions.

The more personal the motivation you have to do a job, the more meaningful you will find the work. A simple equation, really.

A job is the difference you make

A job isn’t static or measurable. A job isn’t something you get or have; it’s something you do. It’s the difference you make.

You spend a lot of time choosing the right house, or the right spouse, and you wouldn’t settle for one that wasn’t a good match for your habits, personality, and vision for the future. Choosing a job should be done with the same attitude.

We think you should always ask yourself what difference you can make, to a team, to an outcome, or to an industry. If the difference you make is the one your coworkers want you to make, then the match is right. If not, or if you can’t answer what difference you’re making, you’re in the wrong job.

We help you see what difference you’ve made in the past, and plan the difference you’ll make in the future. Once you figure out what you want to do, we help you get the chance to do it.

Don’t blend in – Stand out

You’re not a cog in a machine, chosen because you’ll do a predictable job in a fixed system. Machines are fixed, but work is dynamic and so are you. You’re a flexible, creative person who sees what could be accomplished in the future, and you’ll work hard to make it happen. You should always be valued for the value you bring.

So stop trying to blend in and be what everyone else wants. That’s what happens when you ask “Am I qualified for this?” Instead, make sure that every project you choose will use your expertise, strengths, and perspective to their fullest. Ask, “Is this work qualified for me?”

Focus on your strongest possibilities and your unique vision of the future. Your quirks and your preferences, your habits and personality. They make up the unique package that you’re selling, every time you do a task.

Everything we do at Cruited is designed to help you find your standouts and make sure that everyone you talk to knows about the unique value you could bring to a project.

Don’t Settle

A career isn’t a linear path where you move directly from imperfection to perfection. You start with an idea and you try things, learn things, follow opportunities, and often change direction as a result. That’s good–it means you’re letting your ambitions change as you change.

But even if your goal changes, you know if you’re moving towards it, away from it, or not at all. Don’t ever accept not moving towards it, even if “it” changes a few times.

A meaningful professional life is something you can create, and sooner than you think. Treat every job as a project designed to get you closer to your goals. You will learn and grow, always focused on what you’re building towards.

So how will you get there? Do you need a different job within your industry, or the same job in a different industry? Should you work at a company that’s doing the same thing as yours, but doing it better? Choose the projects that stretch you, and choose your coworkers the same way.

Know what you want, figure out how to get there, and make it happen. And don’t ever stop.