Are you looking for a job in Sweden, but not sure if your CV is up to the task? Will your cover letter lead to an interview? As an expat it’s not easy to know what’s expected when you apply for a job. How do you balance between personal and formal? One page or two?

Professional Review of Your CV and Cover Letter

Maximise the potential of your CV and cover letter. Let an expert take a look at your application before you apply for your dream job. Within 24 hours, you will know exactly what you need to improve.

Here’s What You Get in a Review

One of Cruited’s job experts will review your CV and Cover Letter, and you will receive a full report (in English) within 24 hours. We use a systematic method, where each review consists of more than 100 criteria that are based on research and best practices. You will receive a quantitative review, as well as cover and prioritised advice that point out improvement areas.

  • The quantitative assessment gives you a clear picture how well you have succeeded. This makes it easier to understand what’s most important, and saves you valuable time when you continue with your application.
  • The personal advice always focuses on the aspects that will have the greatest impact for you. Since the review method is systematic, the analysis becomes more diverse and balanced compared with a traditional CV review. For instance, Cruited looks at how you present your potential, and how you establish credibility. We also focus both on personality and formal accuracy.

Start Your Review Now

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